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Fujitsu Launches New Range of A4 Scanners fi-7180/fi-7280 & fi-7160/fi-7260

Fastest Scanner in its League

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.,Fujitsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Singapore, November 07, 2013

Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions today announced the launch of fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160, fi-7260: the latest high-speed A4 scanners with the fastest scanning speed in its class(1)from the fi-Series(2) line of business grade scanners. With a speed incomparable in its league of industrial scanners, the new range of scanners takes the lead in industrial scanning with supremacy unrivaled to any others.

The new models succeed their best-selling counterparts, fi-6130Z, fi-6230Z, fi-6140Z & fi-6240Z, which are highly rated in the decentralized capture market(3).

The compact models feature world’s first sound detecting technology(5) that greatly improves the paper protection function. Together with the high speed scanning, work productivity is significantly enhanced. Assistant Vice President of Fujitsu Imaging Products, Satoshi Yamada said “The new range of scanners make a bold statement as the fastest scanner, compared with any in its league. Looks will deceive as it is stylishly compact, but it is the world’s first scanner equipped with iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection) function to detect paper jam by sound and to protect your valuable documents while improving scanning efficiency.”

All fi-Series will come with the scanner driver “PaperStream IP” with various advanced technologies and the renewed image capturing software “PaperStream Capture”. With these new softwares, various documents can be easily and automatically converted to image data, sorted and saved to fit users’ purpose such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

As Mr. Yamada says, “This league of scanners sets itself apart from the rest with its intelligent barcode & batch code scanning feature which will facilitate efficiency in all work fields. Furthermore, with the evolved user-friendly LCD display, we have achieved the user’s needs for easy operation and maintenance in a scanning solution.”

Fujitsu is ready to support document digitizing needs of its customers in the decentralized capture market, introducing new products with reliable and high-speed scanning, easy operation and space-saving design that greatly improve work efficiency.


fi-7180, fi-7160fi-7180, fi-7160

(ADF(4) Duplex Model)

fi-7280, fi-7260fi-7280, fi-7260

(ADF(4) Duplex/Flatbed Model)

1. High spec model to answer the needs of decentralized market

  1. Accomplished as the fastest scanners in its class
    The scanning speed has improved significantly; with the scanning speed of 80ppm/160ipm at color 300dpi (for fi-7280 & fi-7180 models), the new series is the fastest in its class. The startup time between switching on and ready to scan has also shortened by 80% compared to the previous model to boost operation efficiency.
  2. Equipped with large volume hopper (80 sheets) and USB3.0 to facilitate fast scanning
    The loading capacity has enhanced to optimize the high speed scanning of the new scanner series. Furthermore, the new interface fully supports USB3.0 to eliminate any bottleneck in high speed scanning.
  3. User-friendly LCD panel
    The high end models come with a LCD panel which improves user-friendliness while displaying the batch name during scans and indicating error messages in the selected language.

2. Reliable scanning

The new series has a full lineup of fail-proof mechanisms to make high speed scanning possible.

  1. Enhanced paper protection function to reduce the risk of damaged documents
    The world’s first technology, iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection), is an enhanced paper protection function which halts scan upon detecting irregular sounds. This newly enhanced function monitors the movement of paper feeds while intelligently monitors to “listen” and “observe” the irregular sound during the scanning process.
  2. “Skew reducer” function for efficient mixed batch scanning
    The scanner is equipped with “skew reducer” which greatly improves paper feeding ability. This function reduces the skewness in the documents and thus minimizes the occurrence of missing edges in the scanned image data. Together with the deskew function, the new scanners enables mix batches of paper in various sizes and types to be scanned reliably at once.
  3. Utilizing the centralized management function to boost scanner's maintenance efficiency
    The centralized management function received positive reviews from the mass introduction as it is able to install and update the scanner drivers and application while monitoring the scanner’s operations. The newly improved function monitors the scanner’s operations such as indicating the number of documents scanned, prompts cleaning alerts to minimize distortions and suggests appropriate placement for efficient scanning.

3. Renewed scanner driver and image capturing software

Supported with TWAIN/ISIS, the new driver “PaperStream IP” and the new image capturing software “PaperStream Capture” allows users to operate advanced functions with ease.

  1. PaperStream IP - produce high quality image processing
    With the advanced black and white process, documents can be easily converted into exceptionally clear image data suitable for OCR (Optical character recognition). High quality image data can be created automatically without user pre-set.
  2. PaperStream Capture - enhance batch scanning
    Be it adjusting the scanning settings or performing batch scanning, users can now complete the tasks effortlessly with the user-friendly UI. With the seamless linkage using “PaperStream IP”, high quality image processing and batch scanning can be performed concurrently.
  3. New software to be bundled with other models
    The new software "PaperStrem IP" and "PaperStream Capture" will be bundled with the other fi-Series models .For more details on applicable models and system requirements, please refer to the fi-Series product information website.

List price and release date of fi-7180, fi-7160, fi-7280 and fi-7260

List price and scheduled release dates may vary in different sales regions.

Product Home Page

Fujitsu Asia product information site


ISIS is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation in the United States.

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