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Fujitsu Offers Windows® 7, Multi-Input Resistive Touch Panels as Standard Product to Asian Customers

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, November 22, 2010
Fujitsu Multi-Input resistive touchpanelFujitsu Multi-Input resistive touchpanel

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte. Ltd. today announced the addition of its Windows® 7-certified, resistive multi-input touch panels to its standard product offering for Asia. This off-the-shelf accessibility allows designers to add multi-touch capability to industrial, medical and other embedded applications with much shorter lead times.

Fujitsu, the first manufacturer to release a Windows 7 certified, analog-resistive, multi-input touch panel, is now the first to release these panels as a standard product.

Fujitsu’s panels register single-tap, multi-touch input (pinch, pull, rotate, flick, swipe and scroll gestures) and handwriting, using any object, such as a gloved or bare finger, pen cap or the corner of a credit card. They feature high accuracy, even in extended range environments, as well as fast tracking, consistent inking, low power consumption, and is available with light touch force option.

To simplify panel integration, Fujitsu offers control ICs with either a USB or a UART serial interface, as well as development kits and Windows 7 device drivers. A single-axis compact flex tail simplifies mechanical design, offers improved reliability, and reduces potential EMI and ESD effects.

Initially, the new standard Windows-7 multi-input touch panels (FID1530) will be available in wide aspect ratio 5.6-inch, 7.0-inch and 12.1-inch sizes. They are priced from $60 to $120, depending on size, in single-piece quantities. Delivery is stock to 16 weeks, ARO, with initial availability in January 2011. Fujitsu will continue to offer custom multi-input panel designs.

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Date: 22 November, 2010
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