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Fujitsu Unveils fi-6800 Colour A3 Production Scanner for ASEAN and India

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.

Singapore, December 18, 2009 — Fujitsu today unveiled the fi-6800 colour A3 production scanner for the ASEAN and India markets.

Targeted towards high-volume scanning environments, the next-generation fi-6800 is the best-performing A3 production scanner in its price range. It provides easy operation for healthcare, financial, government and legal vertical markets, and companies looking to consolidate and centralise the scanning function across their organisations. The Fujitsu fi-6800 combines unrivalled performance, green features and user-friendliness for end-users to enjoy productivity enhancements, cost savings and other benefits.

Unrivalled performance

The product digitises A4-sized documents in landscape orientation at up to 130 pages per minute (ppm) in simplex mode, or up to 260 images per minute (ipm) in duplex mode. The output resolution, ranging between 50 and 600 dots per inch (dpi), can be adjusted in 1dpi increments for end-users to precisely control the quality and size of image files.

In addition, the fi-6800 incorporates several new features for end-users to realise massive improvements in workplace productivity. For instance, the “Automatic Sorting” function allows the flexibility of choosing between unique sorting sheets or barcode printed sheets to cleanly separate various kinds of office documents. This function helps reduce scanner operation time while also bringing new levels of reliability. After scanning, the “Automatic Stacker” will arrange the hard-copy originals while the “Automatic Image Quality Checker” will scrutinise the soft-copy images for fold marks, paper tears or other irregularities.

The scanner is able to digitise documents ranging between A8 and A3 size, and up to 3m in length. This gives end-users immense flexibility in scanning business cards, photographs, computer printouts, electrocardiograms and many other kinds of documents. The product also includes “Paper Protection” and “Multifeed Protection” to anticipate and eliminate paper jams while scanning, for reduced downtime.

The scanner comes with a colour graphics adapter (CGA) board and VRS Professional imaging software, for top-quality image processing at high speed. The product can also be deployed as part of an integrated enterprise content management or document management solutions, making it suitable for end-users with more sophisticated needs.

Green features

The fi-6800 is built using materials that have been carefully sourced for minimal ecological impact. It consumes less than 4W of power in sleep mode and can be started up quickly, making it ideal for scanning small batches of documents frequently.

The product also incorporates new light-emitting diode (LED) lamp technology that combines ultra brightness with short warm-up times, for substantial energy savings. In addition, the LED light source goes off in less than six seconds which further reduces power consumption.


Engineered for user-friendliness, the fi-6800 sports an easily navigable liquid crystal display (LCD) panel for end-users to intuitively access the various controls. The compact scanner has a compact 460 x 430 x 310 mm footprint, making it the smallest product in its class and an ideal choice for cramped offices. Additional plus points include near-silent operation, sturdy construction and easy-to-clean design.

The new Fujitsu fi-6800 colour A3 production scanner is available for the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and India markets with immediate effect. Refer to the Appendix, visit or contact Fujitsu Asia at 6512-7555 for more details.


fi-6800 Technical Specifications (56 KB)

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Date: 18 December, 2009
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd