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  • Fujitsu Increases Speed and Life of Ultra-Compact, 3-inch Thermal Printer Mechanism Singapore, Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines, August 20, 2007 - Fujitsu Components Asia Pte. Ltd. today released a 3-inch thermal printer mechanism with an integrated auto-cutter that is fifty percent faster and has twice the operational life of its previous model, the FTP-637MCL401. It is designed for compact, fast print-generating applications such as Point Of Sale terminals, medical and test equipment, and instrumentation.

  • Fujitsu Expands Standard Touch Panel Offering for Automotive and High Temperature Applications Singapore, Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines, August 08, 2007 - Responding to customer requests for enhanced touch panel performance and environmental specifications, such as those needed for automotive and industrial applications, Fujitsu Components Asia, Ltd. today added three new extended temperature range products to its standard off-the-shelf, resistive touch panel offering.

  • Fujitsu Asia Unveils MHY2BS Series of SATA Hard Disk Drives for ASEAN Singapore, Singapore, August 01, 2007 - Designed for round-the-clock operation, the series of 2.5-inch HDDs comprises seven models with storage capacities ranging from 40 gigabytes (GB)* to 200 GB, and a spindle speed of 5,400 revolutions per minute (rpm). The HDDs also incorporate Fujitsu’s proprietary technology that counteracts the adverse effects of rotational vibration, which occurs when multiple mechanisms are mounted on a single chassis.




  • Fujitsu Introduces Production Samples of Longer Life Resistive Touch Panels Singapore, Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines, May 16, 2007 - Fujitsu Components Asia, Ltd. today released production samples of its next-generation, resistive touch panels using an organic conductive polymer material. The new, custom touch panels offer five times the durability and comparable optical properties of conventional ITO (Indium Tin Oxide)-film panels at a small price premium.

  • A*STAR’s Data Storage Institute & Fujitsu Asia to Establish First SAN Academy in Singapore Singapore, Singapore, May 07, 2007 - With the explosion of digital information in the last few years, organizations globally are facing a real challenge of managing storage systems that will have to keep up with the endless stream of data and information being generated and received. Hence, Singapore’s first dedicated R&D centre to advance high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies, SAN Academy, was open today under a strategic partnership between A*STAR’s Data Storage Institute (DSI) and Fujitsu Asia.