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Fujitsu Design Concept

As one of the pioneers of lightweight and stylish notebook PCs, Fujitsu has long been associated with prestige, high performance and top quality. Learn how the designers at Fujitsu Design Center work to make these differentiating factors possible.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Singapore, December 07, 2006 — Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today shares the design concept behind its award-winning LifeBook and Stylistic series, as well as its futuristic concept PCs, resounding the company’s significance of infinite possibilities.

Based in Japan, the Fujitsu Design Center was established in 1961 to align the design of notebook and desktop PCs to the lifestyles of consumers. There are a total of 110 staff in six departments in the center, and the motivating factor behind them is the ‘Human Centered Design’ philosophy. For every new model, the designers place themselves in customers’ shoes, (there is even a department in charge of setting up realistic environments to achieve accurate user experience), so that they are able to understand and produce a best possible design.

According to Kenichi Kimura, Chief Designer and Design Consultant, Fujitsu Design Center, Fujitsu Japan, “Every new product is like a puzzle, and the designers have to painstakingly piece together different components to achieve a marvelous balance, which fulfills aesthetic, ergonomic, finishing and precision requirements. Therefore, when it comes to ‘design’ in Fujitsu’s context, there is more than meets the eye, literally.”

The efforts of the team have paid off tremendously, judging from the impressive product design awards(1) the Fujitsu computing range has won. Even more gratifying is the encouraging response garnered from the media and customers. This has led the Fujitsu Design Center to further explore the sphere of avant-garde concept PCs, to meet the expectations which consumers have not yet realize they actually have. Among these are the three prototypes showcased today.

Turn Table PC

The DJ equipment-like design with illumination guidance makes for intuitive music enhancement, enabling quick editing even without starting up the operating system. Featuring a 360-degree panorama acoustic effect from the virtual 5.1ch surround speakers, this is most suitable for aspiring DJs and music aficionados who wish to create their own brand of music for personal entertainment use. In addition, the illumination guidance extends to the LED touch sensor keyboard so that the Turn Table PC is as visually-appealing and user-friendly inside and out.

Ultra Mobile 2006

The Ultra Mobile 2006 is a futuristic interpretation of an ultra-portable tablet PC, fully operable via touch screen, a stylus pen and operation buttons. Like the Ultra Mobile 2005, this is designed to be almost the same size as a CD jacket. Apart from the ability to produce crystal clear sound, it also packs in a 7.0 mega pixel camera to clearly capture life’s memorable and defining moments. Not surprisingly, this is closely tailored to fit the lifestyle of those who need a petite all-in-one entertainment portal, on-the-go.

Ultra Mobile 2005

Featuring a keyboard which unfolds to reveal a full set of keys, the Ultra Mobile 2005 is a full-featured notebook PC suitable for road warriors who are not willing to compromise for small keyboards for petite workstations. The unique 8-inch PC, which is about the size of a CD jacket, also comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner so that mobile executives can rest easier with the knowledge that their data is securely and conveniently tucked away with the Ultra Mobile 2005.

Specifications and availability of concept PCs

As we have showcased these to the public only recently, we are still exploring avenues on how these concept PCs will be placed in the market. So far, we have received very positive feedback and hope that they will become available commercially in a couple of years.

  • [1] Fujitsu Design Concept

    Awards that the Fujitsu Design Center has been conferred include the Good Design Award and the iF International Award, among others:- Good Design Award 2006 (Japan) – LifeBook S series; Good Design Award 2006 (Japan) – LifeBook Q series ; Good Design Award 2006 (Japan) – LifeBook E series ; Good Design Award 2006 (Japan) – LifeBook P series ; Good Design Award 2005 (Japan) – DESKPOWER TX ; Good Design Award 2005 (Japan) – LifeBook T series ; Good Design Award 2005 (Japan) – LifeBook series ; Good Design Award 2004 (Japan) and IF Award 2003 (Germany) – Stylistic ST series ; IF Award 2003 (Germany) – Desktop PC line

About Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters for PC business of Fujitsu Limited, Japan. Its responsibilities include the marketing and sales of a wide range of personal computers for the corporate and end-user markets in the Asia Pacific.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific pledges “Built-in Confidence” for every product under its brand name to reassure users of product and service excellence. From high performance components to stringent quality control and professional after-sales service, Fujitsu stands for reliability and satisfaction.


Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting technologies, highly reliable computing and telecommunications platforms, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts uniquely position Fujitsu to deliver comprehensive solutions that open up infinite possibilities for its customers’ success. Fujitsu also makes every effort to ensure that our products are manufactured in a bid to promote environment conservation and protection. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of about 4.8 trillion yen (US$40.6 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006.
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Date: 07 December, 2006
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd