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Fujitsu Adds Differential Right-Angle Copper Connector For High-Speed Coplanar and Perpendicular System Expansion

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, October 19, 2004
FCN-260 microGiGaCN Right Angle Stacking Connector

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today expanded the packaging options of its internal microGiGaCN™ (FCN-260) mezzanine connector offering by releasing a high-speed differential signal, right-angle SMT plug connector. With this latest addition, the microGiGaCN series now accommodates co-planar and perpendicular board-to-board connections, in addition to 8mm through and14mm stacking (mezzanine) applications.

The new FCN-268M***-G/*D right-angle plug provides a cost-effective, high-speed internal interconnect for high-end and low-end servers, networking, medical and test equipment. Tested at speeds from 622MB up to 10GB per channel over standard FR-4 material, the RoHS-compliant device meets the current and future signal speed requirements of InfiniBand®, 10G Ethernet, Serial Attached SCSI™, PCI Express, and SATA2.

Measuring 5.37mm high, the FCN-268M***-G/*D right-angle plug enables high-density, low-profile board connections, while supporting pcb boards from 0.062in to <0.110in thick. It is rated at DC 30V, 0.5A (signal) and 1.0A (ground).

Based on a modified strip-line structure in which each signal-pair contacts are isolated by a ground blade, the connector has 100 ohms impedance matching and near-end crosstalk of 3% or less at 50ps rise time. The new right-angle plug is currently available in 12, 24, and 36 differential pairs with 0.75mm signal-to-ground contact pitch and 1.5mm signal-to-signal contact pitch. The SMT leads feature a 0.5mm-pitch and are lead- and solder-free.

In addition to the internal mezzanine connectors, Fujitsu’s microGiGaCN series also includes I/O devices and copper/optical modules. The I/O devices have been adopted by InfiniBand (4x and 12x), Serial Attached SCSI (4 lane), SATA-2 (4 lane), 10G Ethernet CX-4 (4 lane), and 10G Fiber Channel (4 lane and 12 lane).

The new FCN-268M***-G/*D right-angle plug is available immediately. Pricing for a 12- signal pair plug connector is $4.15 in 10K-piece quantities. Delivery is eight weeks ARO.

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Date: 19 October, 2004
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd