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Fujitsu’s New 3-inch Thermal Printer Mechanism With Auto Cutter Is Smallest in Product Line

Features Fast Print Speed, High Resolution and Detachable Platen For Design Flexibility

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, October 04, 2004

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today released its smallest, 24-volt, 3-inch print mechanism with integrated cutter. Developed to assist OEMs design smaller and lighter products with print functionality, targeted applications for the printer include POS terminals, banking terminals, and measurement and medical equipment.

The new FTP-637MCL401 series features an ultra-low profile measuring 21.8mm high x 103mm wide x 42.2mm deep, making the overall unit 40 percent smaller and its footprint 62 percent smaller than its predecessor, the FTP-637MCL383. It has a print speed of 100mm (800 dot lines) per second with a print resolution of 8 dots per millimeter.

The printer features a lever-activated detachable platen with an integrated guillotine cutter enabling the OEM to incorporate it into a clamshell-style design. It also permits drop-in paper loading, although auto paper loading with the platen closed is also possible.

The printer accommodates various media up to 80mm wide, and from 60 to 100micrometers thick. It supports various character types, including alphanumeric, kana, international and JIS Kanji.

The printer has an operating temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees C and a head life of 500 million pulses, or 50km of paper. The cutter’s life is rated at 500 thousand cuts. Parallel and serial interface boards are available, as well as an LSI for those OEMs wanting to design their own controller.

The printer’s frame is constructed of a die-cast metal to provide durability, mounting stability, as well as ESD protection and heat dissipation or retention.

Samples of the FTP-637MCL401 printer series are available immediately. It is priced at $73.75 at 1,000 pieces. Delivery is 16 weeks ARO.

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Date: 04 October, 2004
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Company: Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd