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Fujitsu Brings to Market Copper XENPAK Module for Network/Server Markets

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, May 03, 2004
XENPAK module

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today released a copper XENPAK module (xMGC) that conforms to the new 10GBASE-CX4 specification (IEEE 802.03ak/D4.2) for low-cost 10-Gigabit copper Ethernet. The new module reduces the cost per port by offering a low-cost copper solution that has the flexibility to support VSR parallel optics through a single port.

An extension of its successful high-speed differential microGiGaCNTM copper connector series, Fujitsu’s x-MGC supports the XAUI to XENPAK MSA 3.0 to CX4 interface. It delivers reliable 10-Gigabit-per-second Ethernet data rates over 15m (min.) of high-speed copper cable at about one-tenth the cost of existing fiber optic XENPAK modules. Target applications include interconnecting enterprise datacom networking and storage equipment up to 15m between racks, switches, or between switch to server.

The Fujitsu x-MGC features an integrated media detect circuit (MDC) that allows the module to “sense᾿ if the I/O cable is a standard copper interconnect, or one that requires power. This feature increases the functionality of the I/O port to accept existing copper 4 lane cables, future options such as “SMART᾿ copper cables with integrated active electronics, or optical transceivers.

The x-MGC module plugs into a XENPAK CX4 port of a switch or router to link the host system to the network via a 4x copper cable assembly. It incorporates the complete physical layer functionality from XAUI compliant 4 lanes x .125Gbps electrical interface to the IEEE 802.3ak CX4 copper I/O interface. The host may control the x-MGC registers using the XAUI interface as defined in the XENPAK MSA.

The MUX/DEMUX, XAUI interface and MDIO management functions are all integrated into the Fujitsu module, as well as a precision oscillator that eliminates the need for an external reference clock. Total power consumption is less than 3W.

Available immediately, the x-MGC copper Xenpak module is priced at $275.00 in 100-piece quantities.

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Date: 03 May, 2004
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