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KVM Switch Assures PC Security

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, October 14, 2002
FS-405S KVM Switch

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today released an intelligent KVM switch that electrically isolates in-house, LAN-connected PCs from Internet-connected PCs to prevent possible virus infection and block hacker attacks.

The device also blocks unauthorized up- and downloads to and from the Internet by in-house users. Because it is not dependent on software, it provides optimum protection.

Targeted to small-to-mid-size applications, the 4-port SERVIS Secure KVM switch (FS-405S) allows four users to share read-only access to one external LAN-connected PC. It can also be used to switch between software development and other users' machines, as well as in-house network machines. One unit allows switching between four private-use, dedicated PCs and one shared-use PC.

Two FS-405S units may be cascaded together to expand the number of users to a maximum of eight. Cables are available in 1.8 and 3.0-meter lengths.

SERVIS Secure features a dedicated microprocessor for each PC and a keyboard/mouse to assure seamless, stable switching between machines. Tapping the Scroll Lock key twice performs the switching function. The status of the shared PC is indicated by the Scroll Lock LED.

SERVIS Secure supports personal computers and workstations with PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. It also supports 200MHz multi-sync monitors (VGA through UXGA) with up to 1600 x 1200 dot-per-inch resolution.

The compact SERVIS Secure unit measures 290mm (W) x 110mm (D) x 42mm (H). It features a removable magnetic mount that allows the unit to hang from a metal surface to conserve desktop space. Power is supplied by the connected PCs, so an external power supply is not required.

Available immediately to OEMs, resellers and large-volume purchasers, SERVIS Secure is priced at $785.00 MSRP in single-piece quantities. SERVIS intelligent KVM switches are available in different configurations for PCs, Sun and Mac machines.

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Date: 14 October, 2002
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Components Asia Limited