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Fujitsu brings in five new storage boxes

Fujitsu has extended its Eternus3000 range of storage systems with higher performance, capacity and connectivity options. Included in the Eternus3000 range are models 700, 500, 300, 100 and 80.

The top-of-the-line Eternus3000 model 700 is now equipped with a high-speed 3.2GHz processor to further increase the system processing power. To maximise system performance, Fujitsu has doubled both the internal bus transfer rate and cache memory transfer rate of model 600. The combined result of these new enhancements is a performance of 41,200 IOps (Input.Output per second).

The new Eternus3000 series incorporates the 300GB fibre channel (FC) disk drive to boost storage capacity. With the new enhancement, the Eternus3000 model 700 and model 500 can achieve a maximum storage of 72TB; and the other models can support storage space from 2.2TB to 36TB.

In addition, the host interfaces of Eternus3000 model 700, 500 and 300 can now support iSCSI, in addition to FC, allowing customers to choose either FC, allowing customers to choose either FC-SAN or IP-SAN configurations.

Meanwhile, all Eternus3000 new models come with a Data Guard feature that the vendor said guarantees data consistency with technology that ensures data read/write integrity. All components in the Eternus3000 series have a redundant configuration to further protect data and uphold system availability, said the vendor.

All new Eternus3000 models are available in Asia starting this month. Prices start from US$15,000.

Reproduced courtesy of Asia Computer Weekly