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  • Fujitsu Backs Longhorn Server
    Fujitsu has pledged to be an early backer of Microsoft’s upcoming server operating system as part of a new global deal between the two companies.
  • New PrimePower Models
    Fujitsu has introduced five new high-end and mid-range models in its PrimePower server line-up. They incorporated 1.89GHz Sparc64 V (sparc64-5) processors based on 90nm semi-conductor technology for dramatic improvements in performance – the first Unix servers built with 90nm semiconductor technology.
  • Fujitsu brings in five new storage boxes
    Fujitsu has extended its Eternus3000 range of storage systems with higher performance, capacity and connectivity options. Included in the Eternus3000 range are models 700, 500, 300, 100 and 80.
  • SingTel has contracted Fujitsu Asia to provide i-PhoneNet
    SingTel has contracted Fujitsu Asia to provide i-PhoneNet, an advanced IP Centrex service for the telecommunications company’s network infrastructure.
  • Fujitsu to embark on $47m spending spree
    Japan’s top IT services company, Fujitsu, has announced a $47-million spending spree for its Singapore operations to help it double revenues here to $1.2 billion within three years.