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Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation

Fujitsu World Tour 2017 – Asia Conference Singapore – 02 November, Singapore

Digital technology is changing businesses and our lives at a rapid pace. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have started to generate innovative services and business models. During this period of rapid change, digital-based collaboration is playing a huge role in creating greater value to achieve business growth.

Co-creation is Fujitsu's approach to driving our customers' digital transformations; to deliver value through digital solutions that are in context and in tune with their unique needs. Co-creation means bringing together unconnected areas of expertise. It relies on a deep understanding of technology, speed, urgency and responsiveness in delivery, and an ability to scale.

In Fujitsu World tour 2017 - Asia Conference Singapore, Fujitsu introduced its specific co-creation initiatives aimed at enabling the digital transformations of customers and strategic partners. Guests experienced cutting-edge technologies in such areas as AI, IoT and security capabilities.

Fujitsu World tour 2017 - Asia Conference Singapore ended on a high note with a total turnout of more than 500 customers and partners. We once again thank our visitors. You all contributed to the overwhelming success of this event with your presence, discussions and opinions.

For all of you who want to relive the highlights of their visit to the Fujitsu World tour 2017 - Asia Conference Singapore and for those who regrettably could not attend, the most popular presentations are now ready for download.

We look forward welcoming you on board to your journey towards digital transformation!