Fujitsu offers one-stop support with hardware-based redundancy, and so we greatly appreciated the ability to swiftly and reliably respond to issues.

Masayuki Iwata, Group Manager, Smart Meter Group, Logistics Division, Watt Line Service Co., Ltd.
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Watt Line Service

Establishing trusted warehouse management


Watt Line Service has supported electricity distribution systems since 1962. In recent years it has branched out from smart meter logistics services and developed the business in shipping, logistics, warehouses, and construction.


To achieve mainframe-class reliability and business continuity in a warehouse management system that runs continuously and can quickly recover from a system failure.


  • Deploy Fujitsu Mission-Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST
  • PRIMEQUEST is configured with hardware redundancy and automatically switches to a reserved system board after a failure
  • Establish a one-stop structure for resolving issues rapidly


  • Achieves business continuity and stability through a continuously running WMS
  • Enables recovery from a system failure within one hour without the need for complex procedures
  • Eliminates difficulties associated with software redundancy

Download Full Case Study PDF

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