Fujitsu is a global leader in ServiceNow implementation, and has extensive knowledge of our business, which made it the perfect partner.

Representative, North American hydroelectric company
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North American hydroelectric company

Optimizing the IT service management environment


This North American company handles electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, serving more than four million people. Around 97% of its electricity generation comes from clean or renewable sources.


Replace legacy ITSM toolsets with a configurable, modern architecture platform, providing flexibility to govern the data and vendor independently.


Platform comprising ITSM, ITOM, Asset Management, Service Mapping and multiple integrations with SAP and Smart Meter systems


  • Better visibility of its IT service issues and available solutions
  • Automated routine service tasks enable IT staff to work on complex issues, and ensures a more streamlined and responsive
  • IT operation
  • Reducing licensing requirements leads to lower costs
  • End to end reporting and enhanced visibility of data enables better decision making

Download Full Case Study PDF

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