We chose GLOVIA OM because it provides us flexibility on a digital platform to deliver the right customer experience that matches the quality of our home design services.

Srini Chareddy, Senior IT Director, The Home Depot
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The Home Depot

Job Management System for Home Renovations


The Home Depot was founded in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia, and today has more than 2,200 stores and more than 400k employees across North America.


The Home Depot launched a new design center and needed a customer experience orchestration platform to coordinate the installations of kitchens and bathrooms. It required a digital platform that could help it orchestrate a seamless customer experience.


The Home Depot has deployed FUJITSU GLOVIA OM on Salesforce to provide timely job management capabilities, that coordinates associated tasks, resources, and activities


  • GLOVIA OM provides total visibility of jobs, installation, suppliers, and stock
  • Streamlined customer journey, leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Costly and erroneously scheduled visits are avoided, and manual tasks are automated

Download Full Case Study PDF