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Research & Development

Fujitsu’s R&D Mission

Fujitsu’s R&D principles are based on creating new value for our customers, contribution to establish a convenient and secure network society, and providing a prosperous and inspiring future for people all over the world. We are driving forward R&D activities that cover a wide range of cutting-edge technologies; not only next-generation solutions and services, but also innovative systems, networks, devices and new materials.

■Create and accumulate cutting-edge technologies ■Build a global value chain ■Promote the generation of new businesses ■Ensure social responsibility in all activities

“Trust and Co-creation” in the Digital Era

Fujitsu promotes R&D on highly advanced technologies that are indispensable for realizing Trust and Co-creation in the new Digital Era. Looking toward the future, we will continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and economy, in collaboration with our customers.

Values created through Trust and Co-creation

Eight Emerging Technologies for Leading the World

Fujitsu Laboratories is pursuing the above mission and engages in R&D activities that enable Digital Trust and Co-creation with our global customers, focusing on eight emerging technologies that are leading the world.

Eight Emerging Technologies

For more information, please refer to the websites below:
Eight Emerging Technologies (R&D Initiatives)

Research and Development Expenses and Ratio to Revenue

Research and development expenses / Ratio of R&D expenses to revenue 2014 (JGAAP):2,213 / 5.1, 2014 (IFRS):2,225 / 4.7, 2015 (IFRS):2,027 / 4.3, 2016 (IFRS):1,798 / 3.8, 2017 (IFRS):1,739 / 3.9, 2018 (IFRS):1,586 / 3.9

Research and Development Expenses by Sector

Total R&D expenses : 1,586 (100 Millions of yen) Technology Solutions : 55.9% Ubiquitous Solutions : 10.2% Device Solutions : 11.1% Other R&D expenses/Elimination & Corporate : 22.7%