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FlexFrame™ for SAP®

Dynamic Infrastructure for SAP Environments

FlexFrame for SAP is a pre-tested and integrated IT infrastructure solution supporting dynamic assignment of virtual and physical servers to SAP applications. With end-to-end management of cost-efficient industry standard servers, storage, networks and SAP applications, it is an ideal IT infrastructure for efficient, reliable and flexible operation of complete SAP environments.

Usage scenarios

  • Consolidation of SAP infrastructures
  • Cost reduction projects for SAP IT infrastructures
  • Improving operational efficiency of SAP infrastructures
  • Introducing server virtualization into SAP environments
  • Increasing quality of service and introduction of disaster recovery concepts

Key benefits

Flexible usage and better utilization of IT infrastructure resources with enhanced quality of service for efficient operation of the SAP environment
  • Every SAP service can be started on any virtual or physical server in a FlexFrame environment
  • Easy migration of SAP applications from virtual to physical servers or vice versa
  • Monitoring of SAP applications and automated recovery from failures
  • Automated and unattended high-availability solution for all SAP systems, including N:1 failover
  • Easier installation and maintenance for the complete IT infrastructure
  • Only one action needed for every OS update or configuration change, regardless of the number of servers, thanks to shared OS technology
  • One IT infrastructure for secure operation of several customer environments (multi-tenancy)
  • Reduced TCO due to optimized IT infrastructure and improved operation concept