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Fujitsu Local Cloud Platform

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Fujitsu offers the network-based provision of flexible IT resources. Thus, customers and partners can use services at short notice according to their actual needs - without initial investments in their own infrastructures.

We know that in many cases organizations need to comply with geographically-specific regulations governing where data is stored and processed. In addition they need to take into account local customer sentiment on data privacy. That’s why we offer our Local Cloud Platform providing cloud-based compute and data storage services tailored to territorial needs.

Our Local Cloud data center is located in Germany and data storage exclusively takes place in Germany. Certified as tier 3+ (according to Uptime Institute, Inc.) and TÜViT level 4, it guarantees maximum security and ensures the availability of the technical infrastructure, such as air conditioning, power supply and network connection.

Before customers or partners get access to the Local Cloud Platform we offer them a frame contract. Please get in touch with your Fujitsu sales representative or contact us via the contact pageOpen a new window.

After signing of the frame contract, Fujitsu will provide a contract number and a contract key, which enables the customer/partner to register via the Local Cloud Portal. This procedure ensures that only authorized customers get access. Within the Local Cloud Platform Fujitsu provides a dedicated VLAN for each customer, which is connected via a secure network connection to the customer’s data center.

Customers can order dedicated servers with operating system or virtualization layer as well as virtual servers with or without operating system. Individual requirements for storage systems concerning performance, availability and supported protocols are covered through different storage classes. Resources are ordered and billed on a monthly base.