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Identity as a Service

Fujitsu Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Users have dozens if not hundreds of usernames and passwords for on-premise systems and cloud services and in many cases utilize various identity management systems.
Fujitsu Identity as a Service provides users with access to systems, applications, data and resources. It ensures convenient access to resources in heterogeneous IT environments and ensures that all compliance requirements are fulfilled. With Fujitsu Identity as a Service, your organization’s passwords and identities are safe and under control.
Fujitsu Identity as a Service provides end-to-end identity management and comprises

  • Self-service interfaces allow users to manage, create, adjust and remove permissions, procedures for approval of permissions are included in the service
  • Authentication with multiple methods, including strong authentication methods like biometric identity and access management
  • Single sign-on capabilities which will facilitate users’ daily work and reduce the efforts for the administration of user accounts

Fujitsu Identity as a Service supports open interfaces and standards, e.g. single sign-on utilizes federation standards like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Web Services Federation (WS-Federation) and highest scalability which e.g. allows the inclusion of different user groups, such as partners and customers and thus supports entire ecosystems across organizational borders.


  • Increased user satisfaction – with single sign-on, fast and easy login to different systems
  • Cost savings – as automation and self-service capabilities reduce manual and time consuming support efforts
  • Increased level of security as Identity as a Service allows the execution of strict information security policies and provides real-time monitoring and reporting of permissions and usage

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