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Managed Mobile Use Cases

Commissioned by Citrix to produce insight into mobility strategies of businesses around the globe, the Citrix Mobility in Business Report (Oct 2013) polled a total of 1,700 senior IT decision-makers across 17 countries (download the full research report). The research showed that 70% of IT leaders see mobility as a top priority.

In order to benefit from the mobile revolution, Fujitsu‘s Managed Mobile helps businesses to address issues such as: collaboration, enterprise applications, automation, consumerization, and connectivity.

SaaS is predicted to become the main source of application delivery. Users want and need to access corporate apps and data from multiple devices – both corporate and privately owned. Virtual client technologies provide an operating environment separate from the accessing device, giving employees access to all the business systems they require whilst storing corporate data safely behind a firewall. This removes any dependency on hardware and gives employees the freedom to use the device that suits them and enterprises benefit from increased end user productivity.

Here are some use cases for Managed Mobile across various industries:



Baggage tracking systems for mobile phones provide passengers with accurate information about the current position of their “lost” luggage and states when they can expect to have it returned. Passengers can enter the address to where the luggage is to be delivered once it has arrived at the airport.

Discover why a leading Australian airline trusts Managed Mobile.



An automotive retailer can use mobility to deliver a new retail customer experience that allows dealers to engage with customers in new ways. Using a tablet-based solution sales staff can illustrate features and options directly to the customers and finalize the specifications more easily.

See how a global car manufacturer is using Managed Mobile.


Building a house, planning a new kitchen or bathroom - for many people it is difficult to imagine how it will look. A mobile solution on a tablet can help in consultation and convince clients by presenting various options onsite.

Learn how a Nordic manufacturer is using Managed Mobile.


Retail customers can scan their articles via smartphones while shopping and just pay the bill when leaving the store. Or they can get detailed information about items which they wish to buy.


Healthcare staff can have instant access to patient information and clinical systems on any device, whether in the hospital, at home or at the point of patient care.



Using a laptop or tablet the banking consultant can visit the customer after normal working hours at home in order to discuss a new loan and finalize a contract immediately.


Insurance companies can improve their customer relationship. Offering a mobile app to report a road accident helps customers to report all the information required, for example to email photos from the accident to the insurance company.


Services for Citizens

Visiting a public office often requires taking a number and then waiting until it is your turn. Sending an alert to the citizen’s smartphone offers the option of leaving the waiting room to do something else in the meantime.


The need for secure mobility isn’t just limited to traditional businesses. Teachers can broadcast lessons to their students via a laptop or tablet, allowing the students to attend classes from home, for example in regions where natural disasters regularly occur or when the weather conditions are very bad.

Many young people today are used to working with digital media and prefer online learning. Many new software products are coming to market that facilitate online learning. Why not make full use of them?

Mobile Workplace

Managed MobileFujitsu's Managed Mobile helps you manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically dispersed mobile infrastructures, while safeguarding your corporate data and protecting privacy.

Managed Mobile Lifecycle Management

Mobile device in useFujitsu gives you full control over your wide-ranging geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure; it standardizes and facilitates the management of all the main device platforms. See how Managed Mobile supports the full lifecycle of your mobile infrastructure.

Managed Mobile Components

Mobile device in useFujitsu’s cloud-based Managed Mobile enables customers to deploy, manage, and secure mobile devices, deliver mobile applications and data securely, ensure role-based security policies and provide support for end-users. Discover the Managed Mobile components.

Managed Mobile Successes

Man and woman using mobile deviceFujitsu focuses on highest quality customer experience with a long-term perspective, giving customers the flexibility to create the best right mobile solution in order to meet their varying user requirements via agile standardization. Learn more about how customers have benefited from Managed Mobile.