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Managed Mobile Successes

Nordic Manufacturer

The customer has a very clear strategy for reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction and business agility. With Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile they move away from BlackBerrys and increase productivity by enabling Android and iOS users to have secure access to business-critical applications. Employees often use the same devices and applications - both at work and during their leisure time. Managed Mobile enables the customer to separate personal use from critical business data without causing any trouble. Users in 18 countries are supported – from Brazil and Singapore to Norway. The cloud-based service is an easy way to offer additional services to new user groups in new countries. For instance, if the customer acquires another company, they may suddenly have 50 new users, or 500, or even 5 000. Standardization helps to keep hold of the reins and maintain user-friendliness. They chose Fujitsu`s Managed Mobile because they had already outsourced their IT environment to Fujitsu and knew that Fujitsu has the capability to meet their demands. Managed Mobile is delivered via a fully outsourced cloud service with global 7x24 support in several languages.

Asia Pacific Airline

A leading Australian airline trusts Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile. Fujitsu started in 2012 with managing the iPads deployed to pilots and crew to improve communication and data access while cutting down on cockpit paper. Before the introduction of Managed Mobile the customer printed around 18,000 pages of flight documents per day. A combination of reduced printing and distribution costs as well as weight by about 20kg per aircraft means that Managed Mobile has generated about $1.5 million in annual savings for the airline. Since then services increased. They now include BYOD devices, engineer’s iPhones used during standby duty and iPads fastened on trucks to manage the cargo as well as test and deploy many applications. Fujitsu today manages around 7,500 devices for the airline.

Global Car Manufacturer

In addition to providing device management and thus improving internal productivity and enforcing security, Managed Mobile supports a global car manufacturer in improving the customer communication by providing 3D applications to iPads. Potential customers just point to the different parts of the car on the iPad and get a 3D view of the various options available to configure the car. The applications deployed to the iPad are huge and currently have a total size of 1.5 gigabytes. Fujitsu was the only supplier who could quickly pre-configure and ship the devices to the dealers. Once the iPads have left Fujitsu’s warehouse they are managed and the apps are maintained over the air. 600 iPads are currently being managed.
Mobile Workplace

Managed MobileFujitsu's Managed Mobile helps you manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically dispersed mobile infrastructures, while safeguarding your corporate data and protecting privacy.

Managed Mobile Lifecycle Management

Mobile device in useFujitsu gives you full control over your wide-ranging geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure; it standardizes and facilitates the management of all the main device platforms. See how Managed Mobile supports the full lifecycle of your mobile infrastructure.

Managed Mobile Components

Mobile device in useFujitsu’s cloud-based Managed Mobile enables customers to deploy, manage, and secure mobile devices, deliver mobile applications and data securely, ensure role-based security policies and provide support for end-users. Discover the Managed Mobile components.

Managed Mobile Use Cases

Mobile device in healthcare industryIn order to benefit from the mobile revolution, Fujitsu‘s Managed Mobile helps businesses to address issues such as: collaboration, enterprise applications, automation, consumerization, and connectivity. See how Managed Mobile can address mobilization challenges across various industries.