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Managed Mobile Lifecycle Management

Fujitsu‘s Managed Mobile gives you full control over your wide-ranging, widespread mobile infrastructure, standardizing and facilitating the management of all the main device platforms. It is an end-to-end fully managed service based on Citrix products. Managed Mobile supports the full lifecycle of your mobile infrastructure.

Managed Mobile Lifecycle - Configure, Provision, Maintain, Track, Decommission


Managed Mobile makes it easy for you to control access to your mobile applications by using configuration packages that you can customize based on your company’s policies and procedures. For example, you could allow delivery people to access Microsoft Exchange, while the finance department can also use SAP. Some users may be permitted to have data roaming while abroad, while others must use a preconfigured WiFi connection. You have the final decision.


Fujitsu’s Cloud infrastructure and streamlined provisioning process allows a new user to simply visit a designated URL to self-enroll. No more phone calls or tickets to set up new users. The system quickly checks the user and device and automatically loads the correct package. Devices can additionally be tagged as company or employee owned. Continual updates keep the IT team informed of the users’ roaming status, storage space and battery life.


In an environment with multiple devices and platform types, vendor maintenance and support become costly and difficult. If something goes wrong, it’s hard to know who to call or what process to follow. Unified management removes this complexity. Fujitsu gives you a complete overview and full control across the entire mobile service – regardless of the device platform or location. The self-service portal allows end users to take actions themselves and to reset their own devices. Say goodbye to frustrating and costly support calls that could otherwise flood your IT team.


As for ongoing tracking, Fujitsu makes it easy to identify and replace older phones, discover unused devices and warn users when they are roaming – all of which helps you keep mobile costs under control.


If a device is lost or stolen, or otherwise in unauthorized use, it can be decommissioned in real time with just a few clicks. With Fujitsu, you can perform resets selectively – removing company data from an employee device, yet leaving the employee’s personal data intact. It’s never been easier to enforce and comply with corporate policies. Fujitsu utilizes its leadership position in End User Services and brings a new level of ease and control to mobile enterprise throughout the mobile lifecycle.

Mobile Workplace

Managed MobileFujitsu's Managed Mobile helps you manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically dispersed mobile infrastructures, while safeguarding your corporate data and protecting privacy.

Managed Mobile Components

Mobile device in useFujitsu’s cloud-based Managed Mobile enables customers to deploy, manage, and secure mobile devices, deliver mobile applications and data securely, ensure role-based security policies and provide support for end-users. Discover the Managed Mobile components.

Managed Mobile Use Cases

Mobile device in healthcare industryIn order to benefit from the mobile revolution, Fujitsu‘s Managed Mobile helps businesses to address issues such as: collaboration, enterprise applications, automation, consumerization, and connectivity. See how Managed Mobile can address mobilization challenges across various industries.

Managed Mobile Successes

Man and woman using mobile deviceFujitsu focuses on highest quality customer experience with a long-term perspective, giving customers the flexibility to create the best right mobile solution in order to meet their varying user requirements via agile standardization. Learn more about how customers have benefited from Managed Mobile.