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Hybrid Cloud Services

Creating the right cloud blend

As organizations embrace cloud computing, they have become acutely aware that no single approach to cloud can be applied universally across their IT portfolio.

FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 offers an unprecedented opportunity to decrease the cost of IT, while increasing responsiveness to changing business requirements while Fujitsu’s IaaS Private Hosted and private cloud offerings provide cost-efficient IT infrastructures with greater degrees of control and customization.

A hybrid cloud approach gives organizations the best of both of these models by providing the flexibility to put different workloads and data where it makes most sense — leveraging the right blend of IaaS Trusted Public S5, IaaS Private Hosted or private cloud, while addressing data security, governance, compliance and budgetary challenges.

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services (FHCS) create a flexible foundation for the blended model, enabling the provision, management and integration of multiple clouds. Using FHCS, organizations can switch workloads between IaaS Trusted Public S5, IaaS Private Hosted, private cloud solutions and even spread single workloads across mixed cloud elements.

For example, organizations using largely Fujitsu’s private cloud solutions can “burst” non-sensitive processing workloads to IaaS Trusted Public S5 to meet peak or highly elastic workloads. Or, they can split a workload across IaaS Trusted Public S5 and a country-specific cloud service — depending on which elements of an application are publicly facing or involve the processing of customer data.

Such a sophisticated orchestration means control over data location can be maintained, and governance can be shared across all different cloud types.

Microsoft Windows Azure foundation

Behind our hybrid cloud offering is a unique partnership with Microsoft. FHCS leverages the Windows Azure cloud platform along with various Fujitsu cloud platforms to enable customers to deploy and manage any mix of:

  • Public cloud services running on Microsoft Windows Azure in Microsoft’s global data centers.
  • A hybrid solution in which one of the six IaaS Trusted Public S5 platforms from around the world is connected via Windows Azure Connect to Windows Azure in Microsoft’s global data centers.
  • A hybrid solution in which a private cloud, powered by Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud deployed in either a Fujitsu or client data center, is connected via Windows Azure Connect to Windows Azure in Microsoft’s global data centers.
  • The Fujitsu cloud A5 appliance powered by Windows Azure and operating in Japan.

This combination of flexibility and control helps to deliver the goals that underpin cloud strategies for organizations of all sizes; resulting in greater agility, lower costs and, ultimately, better business outcomes.

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