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Legal Disclaimer


Please note, that the product description in the corresponding data sheets conclusively defines the functional qualities of the Fujitsu products in question. Prior to using the Product Advisor Tool Customer shall ensure that he is aware of the essential functional characteristics of the Fujitsu products as set out in the respective product data sheet. Customer additionally acknowledges that the Product Advisor Tool provides generic information only and that the Customer’s risk, that the products do not meet his personal wishes and requirements remains solely with the Customer; in case of doubt Customer should consult employees of Fujitsu or third-party experts before concluding any contract on product purchases. Fujitsu does not owe any duty with regard to providing any further quality or performance beyond the specifications of the product data sheet. In particular, Customer cannot imply any such duty from the advice provided via this Product Advisor Tool except to the extent Fujitsu has expressly confirmed such particular further quality or performance in writing.