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Tape Storage Systems

Tape systems delivered by Fujitsu provide reliable and highly automated backup based on proven tape technology combined with market-leading backup software.

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT ETERNUS LT Family

Fujitsu ETERNUS LT tape libraries provide a low-cost, long-term storage solution for companies of all sizes, with unlimited scalability for archiving, disaster recovery and unattended backup.

Quantum Scalar Series Scalar series Overview

Scalar intelligent libraries are reliable and cost-effective tape backup solutions for storing, managing, and protecting data long term, enabling greater data retention and high performance storage workflows within tight IT budgets.

Oracle SL Series SL8500 Overview

As the volume and value of the data grows, Oracle’s proven StorageTek tape library solutions deliver industry leading capacity, performance and flexibility that help to manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service level agreements.

LTO Desktop Drive LTO Desktop Drive

Tape remains a key component of the data center and is ideally suited for long-term data protection. The LTO Desktop Drive is an entry-level component into the tape backup.

Tape Media Tape system media

Tape storage ensures that businesses meet the ever-increasing demands of regulation for data retention and archiving. Tape cartridges sold by Fujitsu guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability.