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High data throughput with SSD

Applicable models: PRIMEQUEST 2800B3, 2800E3, 2400E3

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series is the only enterprise server family which fully supports SSD products. You can make the best choice according to demands for cost-efficiency and higher performance.

PCIe SSD of PRIMEQUEST can Maximize data throughput

PCIe SSD for PRIMEQUEST can dramatically increase data access throughput. According to Fujitsu's performance tests, data access throughput using PCIe SSD increases to four times of the throughput using HDD.

Using PCIe SSD time to update database control files is much reduced. Without exception for database transaction, original data for update is copied to journal file in order to restore the data if data update fails. PCIe SSD can reduce time to update journal files. PCIe SSD for PRIMEQUEST can much reduce such "costs" and can increase database performance.