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- The Answer for Data Access Continuity -

Rigorous data integrity is the basis of mission critical systems. However, this sometimes requires a high-level storage system or a complex system configuration, to ensure data is effectively mirrored. This results in high system integration costs.
PRIMECLUSTER GDS simplifies the configuration of mirrored disks by its intuitive naming and automatic configuration capability.

PRIMECLUSTER's customers using mission critical PRIMEQUEST servers can enjoy this cost-efficiency. In addition, PRIMECLUSTER can also mirror internal HDDs in guest or host OS environments in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.

Simple Data Management

Easy-to-understand disk mirroring

This solution has easy-to-understand disk and volume naming. This avoids potential operational mistakes. In other automatic naming systems, other disks and the volume management software may create confusion in ensuring correct disk specification.

Figure 5. Disk and volume naming comparison

Supports Large-scale logical volumes

With a maximum of 1024 logical volumes, GDS can help you manage very large scale storage in a cost-efficient manner.

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