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Operating Systems (OS) on Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST

Linux, and Windows variants available with PRIMEQUEST

PRIMEQUEST not only enables you to exploit the advantage of Open standard operating systems such as 64bit Intel® Itanium®,Linux and Windows but it also enables 32bit applications, maintaining compatibility with your existing assets.

PRIMEQUEST also enhances the mission critical foundation of these operating systems but providing them with a platform that protects the OS from hardware problems. The autonomous features of PRIMEQUESTS system mirror function, and in-built systems management system take over the functions of hardware system recovery. They create an environment that has less interrupts and less pressure on the day to day operating environment.

Able to run standard issue versions of the native operating systems. Special support products allow one-stop support of both hardware and software, from Fujitsu engineers based in Microsoft and Linux support faculties.

The result is the highest reliability and quality, as well as a mission-critical-class support service.

 Linux | Windows