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Risk-less Virtualization with PRIMEQUEST

Rich Virtualization Functions

Using PRIMEQUEST and industry standard virtualization, such as VMware vSphere™ 4, Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux KVM, you can more easily create the right platform for your demands.

  • Simple migration using hardware partitioning due to no performance overheads
  • High reliability guaranteed by hardware partitioning as a failure in one partition can never spread to other partitions
  • Large numbers of workloads deployed on one server using VMware vSphere™ 4

With VMware vSphere™ 4, hundreds of virtual machines can be created on one server with 256 virtual CPUs and 64 physical CPU cores.

For the detail, please refer to VMware datasheet below.


Steps to Risk less Virtualization

PRIMEQUEST hardware partitioning delivers risk less and reliable virtualization. Such partitioning without performance overheads also does not require any elaborate performance testing with your application environments. Further main mission critical applications such as databases can be fully isolated from failures in all other partitions.

Vrtualization Figure

If you are planning to accommodate greater numbers of workloads, you can mix standard virtualization products with hardware partitioning. Such state-of-art virtualization means applications can share system resources more flexibly, while main systems remain fully protected.

Virtualization Figure