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MicroSaver Slim

The Fujitsu Kensington MicroSaver slim features the patented T-Bar locking mechanism with carbon tempered steel core cable and an external braided steel sheath. The MicroSaver slim is available with Kensington Master Access. This security solution allows you to manage and maintain a limitless number of locks with a master key.

Technical details

Weight0.125 kg
Features and functionsSuper-strong, steel composite cable with carbon tempered steel core ,The industrial standard for notebook security,Very easy to install with no unslightly components stuck into your notebook.,Approved by all the major notebook manufacturers,Built-in tamper-evident feature to detect unauthorised use ,Microsaver's patented T-Bar mechanism fit into a slot built into 99% of notebooks, TFT Monitors, LCD Projectors and CPU's
Warranty period2 years
Warranty typeBring-In / Send-In Service