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0-Watt AC Adapter

The 0-Watt AC Adapter is a Green IT solution, which saves energy and can result in reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 93% or 760g per year. Recognizing that many notebooks are left connected to the mains at all times, Fujitsu has introduced this innovative feature. Whilst standard AC adaptors consume a few Watts of power even when the device is not in use, the 0-Watt AC Adapter ensures that no power is consumed when the system is switched off but still connected to the power socket. It protects the battery from damage through overcharging, thus extending its lifespan, and allows companies to reduce their energy costs. The 0-Watt AC Adapter is optionally available for a wide range of LIFEBOOKs and replaces your ordinary AC Adapter.

0-Watt GraphicsTechnology

0-Watt Graphics0-Watt GraphicsTechnology is available for selected Fujitsu CELSIUS Workstations and ESPRIMO PCs. It reduces the energy consumption and noise emissions of systems which have dedicated graphics cards to supplement onboard graphics. 0-Watt GraphicsTechnology automatically selects the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) best suited to the task (here, either the graphics card GPU or the Intel® processor integrated GPU). If high-end graphics performance is needed (for example, for high-resolution 3D applications), the system will assign the job to the add-on graphics card. If not, the graphics card GPU is automatically switched off, the system’s temperature drops and the fan stops. Deactivating the graphics card in this way results in energy savings and consequently cuts the energy bill.

0-Watt Technology

0 Watt TechnologyFujitsu’s patented 0-Watt technology enables so-called standby losses to be eliminated completely. In other words, 0-Watt PCs can be switched off in such a way that they consume no power (zero Watts) in the off or hibernation modes. This is in contrast to standard PCs and monitors which, when connected to the mains, typically use between 1 and 5 Watts of power even when switched off or in hibernation. Also the displays of the Fujitsu P Line feature 0-Watt Technology when the PC signalizes off-mode, a switching display element cuts the monitor completely from the power line (when connected via DVI or VGA).

4-in-1 Stand

4 in 1 StandFujitsu P and B Line Displays feature a 4-in-1 stand. With focus on ergonomics you prefer a stand, totally flexible for individual adjustments. Best-in-class height-adjust, stunning swivel, tilt and rotation and switch to portrait screen guarantee a healthy, fatigue-free posture during long usage sessions.

Automatic Brightness Control (ABC)

Automatic Brightness ControlA light sensor on the top of the display measures the ambient light and adjusts the brightness accordingly. ABC optimizes ergonomic conditions and saves energy.

Active and Dual Digitizer

A number of Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK and STYLISTIC Tablet PCs come with dual digitizer technology, which means that their touch-screens support both pen and finger input. Touch devices with dual digitizers provide the highest accuracy, are pressure sensitive and come with functions such as an electronic eraser and left and right mouse buttons. Active digitizer technology, on the other hand, has now been phased out of Fujitsu’s products and is the predecessor to dual digitizer technology. Whilst dual digitizer technology supports pen and finger input, active digitizers only enable pen input.

Advanced Theft Protection

Advanced Theft ProtectionProtect your most valuable asset - your data - with Advanced Theft Protection (ATP)Open a new window. Using a modular approach, Advanced Theft Protection responds to the different requirements of large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Fujitsu ATP, together with Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), formerly Absolute Computrace®, fulfills the need for real security. Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) is an adaptive endpoint security solution. It provides you with a persistent connection to all of your endpoints and the data they contain. This means you’re always in control, even if a device is off the network or in the hands of an unauthorized user.

Ambient Light Sensor

Automatic Brightness ControlThe Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) is a light-sensitive sensor, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display according to the light level in the user’s working environment. In many cases, the ambient brightness in an office environment changes during the day due to changes in the sun’s position. The Ambient Light Sensor is therefore a practical feature, which enables you to save power, whilst enjoying optimum working conditions.

Anytime USB Charge

Anytime USB ChargeAnytime USB Charge is an integrated feature of most Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks and CELSIUS workstations. It enables phones and other media devices to be charged via USB at anytime, even when the system is switched off. This provides you with ultimate flexibility and is particularly useful when you are on the move and without access to a power socket.

Bay Projector

Bay ProjectorFujitsu introduced the world’s first bay projector. This patented technology enables you to hold spontaneous presentations wherever you are, thus converting your notebook into a fully-mobile office. To operate it, simply insert the bay projector into your notebook’s modular bay, fold out the lens and bulb and click it into place. The projector is ready to use in a matter of seconds and no external projectors or cables are required. In addition, the Fujitsu bay projector weighs just 150g and is therefore ideal for mobile professionals.

Cold plug access

Cold plug accessFujitsu’s innovative cold plug access at the front of a number of CELSIUS workstations enables you to insert and exchange up to 8 hard disk drives without opening the chassis. An additional hard disk drive can be added effortlessly, thus increasing the workstation’s storage capacity – an important benefit for professionals working with large files. In addition, cold plug access makes it easy to remove the hard disk drive at the end of a workday for security reasons.


The EcoButton is a convenient means of maximizing your battery runtime and is particularly useful when you are on the move. At the click of the EcoButton, energy consuming components are switched off and the device enters a power saving mode. You can customize the power saving mode according to your personal preferences.

Eco system

Eco mode is a preset brightness adjust that fits for typical office environment delivering optimum brightness for most office applications. Eco button comfortably switches between Eco mode and best picture performance. Eco LED indicator makes energy saving visible.


eLux®, the hardware independent software solution, is a Linux-based operating system perfectly suited to Thin Clients. The possibility of a free and simple license migration of the same operating system enables you to change your hardware without changing the software and protects the investment in your IT-infrastructure. The modular design of eLux® allows the individual firmware to be customized by the customer. Linux knowledge is not required. eLux® is available for x86 - as well as ARM-technology – eLux® RL and elux® RT. It is designed for all server environments and middleware platforms (e.g. Citrix®, VMware®, Microsoft®).


Erase DiskEraseDisk is a unique Fujitsu security feature available on selected Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks, ESPRIMO PCs and CELSIUS workstations. It enables system administrators to wipe all data on a hard disk drive quickly, easily and at low cost when they decommission a system. EraseDisk irretrievably erases the data on all partitions and all hard drives of the system making it impossible for data recovery tools to restore any of the deleted files. After the HDD has been securely erased, the system can be recycled or sold without any risk of sensitive data being disclosed. This has the further advantage of helping to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Face Recognition

Face recognition automatically identifies or verifies the user from a digital image enabling a more convenient means of logging on to the ESPRIMO X. When users leave their computer it is automatically locked and then unlocked upon their return for greater security and convenience. If the computer has multiple users, the software automatically logs them into the right Windows account. In case the system does not recognize an authorized user it is still possible to log on manually.

Family Concept

Family ConceptA number of Fujitsu’s product ranges form product families. The LIFEBOOKs E752, E782, S752 and S782, for instance, make up one family, whilst selected product lines within the ESPRIMO PC family form another. The family concept means that the devices share the same design features, BIT image, BIOS and accessory components. Thus you benefit from a uniform and neat working environment, as well as greater flexibility as you can use the same accessory with a number of different devices.

Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption (FDE) is a security feature whereby every bit of data is encrypted on the hard disk drive. Encryption involves converting information into unreadable code, which cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized users. Thus full disk encryption prevents unauthorized access to the stored data.

MHL (Mobile High Definition Link)

MHL technology enables the Fujitsu Display X23T-1 MHL to support notebooks, PCs, set-top boxes, BD/DVD players, game consoles, tablet PCs and smartphones. With only one cable you can charge your smartphone’s battery and mirror the smartphone’s display-content on the large 23-inch screen simultaneously.

Modular Bay

Modular BayThe modular bay enables you to expand Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK notebooks and mobile CELSIUS workstations to meet your demands, and thus enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience. Simply insert a second battery, second hard disk drive, a Blu-ray Disc™/DVD drive or even two more USB slots into the modular bay to maximize your working time, increase your storage space or keep your USB dongles from being lost. Moreover, Fujitsu has created the world’s first bay projector, which can be inserted into the modular bay of several LIFEBOOKs, enabling you to give spontaneous presentations to customers or colleagues. When you’re not using these expansion options, place the weight saver into the modular bay and reduce your notebook’s weight, for even greater mobility.

Presence Sensor

Presence SensorThe presence sensor detects the movement and body outline of anyone sitting within the viewing range of the system. The ultrasound sensor is sensitive enough to perceive a user’s presence even when they are sitting calmly in front of the computer. The presence sensor settings enable users to define commands that are to be executed in their presence or absence. The user may, for instance, choose for their PC to be locked and enter sleep mode when they leave it, thus saving energy whilst providing a high level of security. Then, when the user returns, the PC can be programmed to wake up or even boot automatically for added security and increased energy savings.

Scout Enterprise

Scout Enterprise is a hardware independent management solution for Thin Clients. It can manage multiple operating systems such as eLux®, Windows® Embedded Standard 7 or Windows® Embedded Compact 7. Furthermore, Scout protects the investments in your IT-infrastructure, due to its transparent license model with no expiration date. As a free license transfer is guaranteed, exchanging your existing hardware does not affect the software. Scout also offers highly efficient Enterprise functionalities such as high availability for use on multiple servers and an unlimited scalability.


Scroll WheelEnjoy a more ergonomic working experience with Fujitsu’s ScrollWheel. This can be found to the right of the touchpad on a number of Fujitsu LIFEBOOKs and enables you to scroll up and down the page quickly and easily, making it ideal for browsing long documents or web-pages. As the ScrollWheel is independent of the touchpad, it has the additional benefit that it doesn’t interfere with the cursor itself.


Fujitsu’s ShockSensor solution is a sophisticated hard disk drive protection system designed to minimize the risk of data being lost as a result of shock. Inside selected Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks and CELSIUS workstations there is an accelerometer which instantly detects any sudden movements, including free falls, excessive vibration or sudden impacts. Fujitsu’s ShockSensor monitors movement on three axes: front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down. The sensitivity of the ShockSensor can be adjusted by the user to accommodate different working environments. If a sudden movement is detected, the read-write head is quickly retracted to a safe zone, reducing the possibility of a head crash and of data loss.

Trusted Platform Module

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a security feature available on selected Fujitsu ESPRIMO PCs, STYLISTIC Tablet PCs, LIFEBOOK Notebooks, CELSIUS Workstations and FUTRO Thin Clients. The TPM itself is a computer chip (microcontroller) which securely stores information, such as passwords, certificates or encryption keys, used to authenticate your PC or laptop. A TPM can also store information regarding your PC or laptop, enabling you to determine whether your device is trustworthy and has not been breached.

Zero Noise

Zero NoiseZero Noise is a Fujitsu technology, whereby the annoying noise emitted by PCs is eliminated. Normally PCs need fans to avoid overheating under heavy workloads and in idle mode. Innovative solutions from Fujitsu, such as using more energy efficient power supplies and Intel® processors which operate at lower power, significantly reduce and in some cases even avoid the need for fans under normal office conditions and when in idle mode. With a Solid-state-drive (SSD) all noise emissions are eliminated and the system is completely silent, while a 2.5” hard disk drive is a very cost-effective alternative for achieving a nearly silent system.

Spill-resistant keyboard

Spill_ResistantThe spill-resistant keyboard offers two layers of protection against damage caused by accidental spills. If a liquid is accidentally spilled on the keyboard, a protective membrane and collection tray (the collection tray holds approximately 20 cc of liquid) help reduce the chances of internal components coming in contact with the liquid. Users have more time to save their data and shut down their system and can simply tip their notebook over to drain out the liquid.