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PRIMEFLEX can help service providers set up platforms as a service in several business-critical areas. This includes SAP HANA, SAP Vora and Hadoop, cloud and virtualization.


Our integrated system, PRIMFLEX for SAP HANA, makes it easy to set up and use the SAP HANA platform. And it maximizes your potential to speed up and refresh your business processes.
Whatever your requirements for SAP HANA, PRIMEFLEX can help. It’s available as single and multi-node configurations in many sizes. And it can be easily adjusted to your needs due to its flexible reference architecture.

PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes

PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes lets you optimize entire SAP environments, even if you don’t have SAP HANA. A pool of servers, physical or virtual, only needs one shared operating system image. So, you can run any application on any server, giving you the freedom to move workloads between servers and get the best performance possible. This also means that, even if a server fails, business can continue as normal.

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is the simple way to bring big data infrastructures to your customers. You get to choose the size of the system for your requirements, whether you are handling storage-intensive or processing-intensive tasks. It makes collecting, analyzing and visualizing data easy. And its scalability is essentially unlimited. So, it has no problems handling larger and larger amounts of data.
Special configurations optimized for SAP Vora mean that you can integrate the Hadoop world with SAP HANA. So, you can apply your business analytics to almost any data source. This also means that you can move less frequently used data into Hadoop’s data lakes.

PRIMEFLEX for virtualization and cloud

Whatever virtualization or private cloud approach you want to take for your data center as a service, our integrated systems can help. We can provide both converged and hyper-converged systems, as well as a choice of virtualization software and configuration sizes. With these PRIMEFLEX solutions, you can quickly build the hybrid IT environments your customers want.

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