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Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5

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Welcome to FUJITSU Cloud Service K5

K5 is unique. It spans the full spectrum of enterprise needs on a single platform. It combines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for maximum flexibility. K5 lets customers easily deploy solutions across different platforms because it’s based on a single architecture. This common architecture for public cloud, virtual private hosted, dedicated cloud and dedicated on-premise deployments makes it quick and easy to test, deploy and change new services.


Built on an open-source core, K5 is highly scalable, allowing digital transformation across a broad range of technologies. It comes with the added support of many other innovative services. K5 combines open source technology with our knowledge and enterprise-grade features to provide high-level scalability and cost efficiency. The complete range of IaaS and PaaS provides support and options for digital transformation, such as:

  • merging existing applications into cloud-based systems
  • giving legacy platforms new digital capabilities
  • deploying a microservices architecture to support re-use and rapid application development
  • developing digital applications for open-source platforms
features-table-tick Minimize vendor lock-in because it’s an OpenStack-based platform that includes VMware and bare metal stacks for specific workloads
features-table-tick Reduce costs thanks to a common cloud architecture, which makes it easy to move workloads
features-table-tick Increase productivity with ‘one-click’ activation of cloud services with a range of enterprise features
features-table-tick Develop applications more easily by using pre-defined services with Cloud Foundry
features-table-tick Reduce development times as customers migrate their mission-critical applications to cloud with our application framework
features-table-tick Develop advanced applications and re-use existing IT with API integration
Infrastructure as a service is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. IaaS forms one of the mail components of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.. Fujitsu's K5 PaaS, provides a platform that enables your organization to digitalize and develop, run and manage the applications without first having to cope with building an IT infrastructure..