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Fujitsu Cloud Announcements

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14th November 2016 Fujitsu Opens Nordic Hub in Finland for Fujitsu Cloud Service K5

Fujitsu has announced Finland as the Nordic hub for Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, with new data centers running on 100% renewable energy expected to go live in January 2017 as part of the platform’s ongoing worldwide rollout.

30th August 2016 Fujitsu Announces Launch of API Management Gateway

Fujitsu has selected and integrated the leading API management gateway from Apigee® into Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. This functionality is key in enabling digital transformation. The Fujitsu API management gateway enables customers to exploit data, systems and processes through APIs to deliver Omni-channel solutions and an enhanced customer experience.

The Apigee gateway creates and manage APIs from the web or internal systems, meaning K5 users can immediately consume APIs and apply elements such as authentication, encryption, security control or analytics and management, all from a single source. As well as making the Apigee Edge product set available for cost effective enterprise consumption, this latest release also offers users the flexibility to configure ApiGee tools, based on their specific business requirements.

26th August 2016 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) available for Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 IaaS in UK & Ireland

Fujitsu now offers a pre-defined Operating System template of Red Hat 7.2, available for consumption within service Cloud Service K5. This makes it easier to deploy and have full support for Red Hat 7 and older Red Hat Operating Systems on top of K5. Virtual Machines running on Red Hat can also be moved on to Cloud Service K5.

This service speeds up web access by using edge servers deployed globally on the Akamai Intelligent Platform to store static online content such as images and videos in a storage area (cache) on an edge server, thereby allowing users browsing the web to view and access page content from the cache of the nearest edge server.

24th August 2016 Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 capable of ‘UK Government Official’ accreditation

Fujitsu is pleased to announce that Cloud Service K5 is now capable of being accredited to UK Government certified standards regarding security, risk and UK Data Residency.

With services recently made available through the G-Cloud framework, K5 has undergone specialist third party penetration testing to comply with UK government standards and is hosted from two certified Tier III, List X data centres in Greater London, ensuring data sovereignty. Already adopted by UK Government customers in the public sector, K5 users also benefit from unique second and third line support provided by Fujitsu’s UK-resident engineers.

19th August 2016 Fujitsu Launches System Factory for Cloud Application Blueprinting  

Fujitsu has launched its application blueprinting tool, System Factory for use within Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

By templating applications in a repeatable way, System Factory reduces the time taken to deploy cloud-delivered applications and infrastructure, including network security and operating systems. System factory also leverages its blueprinting capability to monitor performance, with a view to improving the quality of deployments.

12th August 2016 Fujitsu Launches Latest K5 Availability Zone in Tokyo  

Fujitsu is proud to announce the creation of a third Cloud Service K5 availability zone based in Tokyo, Japan.

Following July’s announcement of K5 availability in EMEIA with deployment in the UK, this latest development broadens the reach of Cloud Service K5, bringing it within regional reach of more users who require geographically-specific services for compliance and reduced latency purposes. Further availability zones will follow throughout the coming year, beginning with the Nordic and Central Europe regions in the coming months.

8th August 2016 Accelerating cloud native application development: Fujitsu releases Cloud Foundry® capability for consumption from Cloud Service K5  

Fujitsu is proud to announce the availability of Cloud Foundry® capability for consumption directly from Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

Cloud Foundry is the market leading open source application development platform and execution environment for cloud native applications. Now integrated into K5 with seven build-packs available, Cloud Foundry offers the ability to accelerate the deployment and scaling of applications based on service demand. This function also allows the simple ‘porting’ of applications from Java and other application development languages, on top of the execution environment – meaning you can now confidently and cost effectively deliver applications at web scale.

2nd August 2016 Fujitsu Cloud Service K5: Available on G-Cloud 8 in the UK >>

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is now available on G-Cloud 8 in the United Kingdom, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement framework for Cloud Services. K5 offers a single, cost-efficient platform to accelerate digital transformation in Government whilst avoiding vendor lock-in.

20th July 2016 Fujitsu Accelerates Digital Transformation in the UK with Cloud Service K5 >>

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is now available in EMEIA with deployment in the UK. Hosted from two Tier III/List X data centres in Greater London, this deployment provides UK/EU data residency for both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

1st June 2016 Fujitsu Announces the Ongoing Worldwide Rollout of Cloud Service K5 as an Enabling Platform for Accelerating Digital Transformation >>

Fujitsu announces the ongoing global rollout of its next-generation IaaS and PaaS cloud service, Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. This is the first cloud computing platform that enables digital transformation through seamlessly integrating traditional IT environments into new cloud-based technologies; supporting both line of business applications in the cloud and the development / deployment of cloud-native applications.