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Fujitsu Cloud Service K5: Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service – take the easy path to digitalization

Fujitsu’s K5 PaaS, provides a platform that enables your organization to digitalize and develop, run and manage applications, without first having to cope with the complexity of building an IT infrastructure. Along with IaaS, PaaS forms the foundation of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.
K5 offers unprecedented applications support through a range of services provided by MetaArc, our cloud-based digital business platform, created by us to simplify digital transformation. We offer essential platform services that include: tools, dashboards and execution environments to enable the fast delivery, operation and maintenance of IT systems.
With Cloud Service K5 you are enabled to manage the complexities that digitalization brings.

The benefits of Fujitsu K5 PaaS

Applications play a crucial role in the success of a business, and having them in the Cloud is highly effective and cost efficient.
Agility. You are empowered to develop, build and deploy applications at speed. You can rapidly deliver what your customers, partners and employees want, without compromising the reliability and stability of your back-end systems.
Flexibility. The open source nature of the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 allows complete flexibility. It allows a broad range of systems and data to be integrated to maximise efficiency.
Cost savings. Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 enables modernization, improved interoperability and innovation. It is designed to let users build and deploy new digital services more quickly and easily than other approaches. Legacy systems can be easily integrated with innovative enterprise cloud solutions, to optimize your current IT investment.

Digitalizing to take advantage of new markets

With K5 PaaS you gain custom development capabilities that make it easier for you to modernize and take advantage of the massive opportunities presented by today’s digital explosion.
K5 delivers Cloud Foundry cloud development technology and Apigee for API integration and management, which support the creation of new systems and application portability. It provides an open platform that maximizes interoperability. New applications and services can be developed and deployed at speed to allow you to take advantage of emerging markets. The included System Factory Service allows defining infrastructures in templates – which makes it easy to create and deploy workloads to cloud infrastructures.
K5 actively supports the modernization and migration of existing applications, which enables you to extend existing services and platforms, and deliver them as new digital capabilities.

Fujitsu Cloud services K5 can help your organization to:

  • create new value chains
  • create opportunities for growth
  • drive efficiencies
  • minimize lock-in and future-proof your investment
  • drive agility and unlock value
  • enable human-centric innovation