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Service overview

Whether you need to deploy Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service, K5 has a range of services to support you.

IaaS Private Connection CF PF API Management System Factory
IoT Platform


A service that uses service portal/APIs to deploy and use virtual resources. With this service, virtual systems can be built in a short period of time.

  • Small to large systems can be built with flexibility to meet customer needs with zero initial cost and pay-per-use
  • Supports both scalable environments connected through flat networks and secure environments divided into multiple network tiers


Available Virtual Operating Systems

Windows Server OS (with/without support), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (with support), CentOS (without support), and Ubuntu (without support*)

Refer to Price List for details.

* Support for Ubuntu is provided by Canonical Ltd.

A Cloud Environment Matching the Service Level can be Selected

Supports high-reliability, high-performance systems as well as systems requiring physical isolation from external systems. An optimal infrastructure from “Public”, “Virtual Dedicated” and “Physical Dedicated” can be selected from the service portal according to your operation/service level.


Private Connection

Closed network connections between K5 and hosting/on-premises environments, as well as physical ports that can connect directly with K5 are provided. Hybrid environments can be easily deployed within a short period of time using the pre-configured and standardized closed network feature.



An application execution environment service based on the open source Cloud Foundry.

  • Applications in multiple development languages can be executed - you can deploy and operate applications in multiple major development languages such as Java, Node.js and PHP.
  • Applications can be delivered in a short cycle time - Various services can be easily integrated, and applications can be quickly developed and delivered.



A service that supports agile development of highly maintainable applications and provides an application execution environment.

  • Significantly reduced development time, enhanced productivity, and reduced development size.
  • System can be built by simply selecting execution environment definition and deploying developed assets.


API management

API Management is a service that provides an integrated API platform that manages and publishes various web service APIs.

  • API development time can be reduced by using features such as API access control and data format conversion. APIs can also be published securely through authentication and traffic controls.
  • Usage can be checked by monitoring API traffic information. With information that assists expansion and maintenance, continuous business growth can be achieved.



  • Provides a feature that automatically designs and builds optimal infrastructure configuration according to the requirements, such as those related to performance and reliability for the infrastructure that is getting more software-driven.
  • Customers can promote software-driven infrastructure by creating their own WL-PKG or using an existing WL-PKG, and can expect reduced infrastructure costs and faster delivery.


Note: WL-PKGs are deployable packaged systems consisting of system components, operation requirements, software stack, etc.

IoT Platform

  • Enables simple and efficient usage of data from various sensors and gateways using a standard procedure.
  • Improving production efficiency through visualization of the workplace using IoT.


Infrastructure as a service is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. IaaS forms one of the mail components of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.. Fujitsu's K5 PaaS, provides a platform that enables your organization to digitalize and develop, run and manage the applications without first having to cope with building an IT infrastructure..