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Fujitsu Cloud Service K5: Infrastructure as a Service

Enterprise Cloud IaaS – simplifying digitalization

Infrastructure as a Service is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet. IaaS forms one of the main components of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 , which is a next generation cloud platform created by us, to simplify enterprise level digital transformation.
K5 has a single, consistent architecture that can support all cloud deployments. It offers the cost-effective use of cloud and increased workload mobility.

IaaS – the benefits

Our IaaS virtualized hardware resources enable infrastructure modernization. The benefits of Infrastructure as a Service include:
Cost savings. You don't need to maintain/replace expensive hardware and networking equipment, which significantly reduces your infrastructure costs. In addition, capital expenditure / costs are reduced as you only need pay for what you use.
Increased flexibility and scalability. K5 allows you to quickly scale up and down according to your organization’s requirements. This makes the rapid deployment of new products and services possible to improve your competitive edge.
Focus on business growth. You no longer need to focus on managing and maintaining your infrastructure, which leaves you free to concentrate on developing new business opportunities.
Discover more about the benefits of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 - download the brochure >> (2.77 MB )

Cloud Service K5 – Open Source, OpenStack

K5 is based on open-source technologies, including OpenStack, and it offers cloud services optimized for controlling operating costs and cutting development times. It’s the largest open-source based platform in the world, and it combines a common architecture with enterprise-grade features. It offers a cost effective cloud service for digital enablement of Hybrid Cloud / Hybrid IT.

Following the Fujitsu example

Our commitment to OpenStack and Cloud Service K5 is so strong that we are migrating 13,000 servers and 640 in-house systems onto the K5 platform. In doing this, our organization will make significant cost savings, estimated to be in the region of $300 million.
With unrivalled expertise in delivering enterprise-grade OpenStack systems, we have the expertise and knowledge to enable your organization to digitally transform and reduce costs.

The benefits of OpenStack

OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing. The benefits of OpenStack are so significant, that we have made it a core element of our own in-house digital system strategy.
  • It mitigates the risk of 'vendor lock-in'.
  • It has a common set of standards to ensure independent operation;
  • It’s a cost-efficient solution, supported by a vast community of developers and suppliers.;
  • It’s highly flexible:- you can choose to host and develop your own digital services, use your supply chain partners’ digital services, or use those provided through Fujitsu MetaArc

Use cases

We helped Nanto Bank Ltd., Japan, improve access to banking and financial services for their customers and provided them with the integrated management of multi-vendor smartphone applications.
Our customer Optex Co. Ltd. supports its customers with sensors in various fields. The broad use of sensors to measure water quality is supported by a cloud infrastructure to process the massive amount of sensor date in real-time. “In order to build a new service model of sensor technology, cloud platform was necessary to be developed instantaneously in OPTEX. We decided to use Fujitsu platform because of their simplicity in construction, operation and maintenance, and speedy feasibility.” Toru Kamimura, Managing Director, Business Strategy BU OPTEX Co., Ltd.