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Newcastle City Council - a new ‘best of breed' IT infrastructure

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Newcastle City Council is responsible for delivering public services to the 270,000 people living in the metropolitan borough of Newcastle upon Tyne in North-East England. In April 2003 the Council restructured itself and created a new directorate, called City Service, with responsibility for the Council's Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Revenues & Benefits, Customer Service and Exchequer services. Its aim is to be in the top 25% of local authorities for high performance and low cost and to create the capacity to modernise the authority.

Ray Ward, Head of City Service, Newcastle City Council, says, “The Council wanted to move to a modern, fit for purpose technical architecture and implement new ‘best of breed', off the shelf applications. We needed additional capacity and expertise to achieve our objectives in demanding timescales, but we didn't want consultants to come in, deliver and leave. Instead, we wanted a transformation partner to work alongside our staff and transfer skills and experience. And we wanted to do this in a way that minimised risk to the Council.”