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Royal Navy: Naval Shore Telecommunications System (NSTN)

A high-grade messaging services

Designed, developed and managed by Fujitsu

Photograph of a Royal Navy ship
Fujitsu created a high grade messaging service, developing software to meet the Navy's ultra-strict security requirements but using commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

The system was first piloted in 1975 and rolled out globally in 1986 as the Naval Shore Telecommunications System (NSTN).

NSTN enables individual users to compose and send secure messages on and offshore, automating their delivery and distribution, with an audit trail, proof of delivery, multi-level security clearances and secure networking, both within the Navy and outside, from the Army and the Air Force, NATO and other allied nations.

There are 5,000 users and a number of Communication Centre 'nodes' - in the UK, as well as in further afield locations such as Gibraltar and the Falklands and on board ship. Each node has about 60 personnel functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.