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Mercuri International: Mobile IT Solutions

Fujitsu & Mercuri International

Mobile IT solutions

real-time e-mail and calendar access wherever staff are

Mercuri International
Having already outsourced the management of its IT systems to Fujitsu, it was a logical step for Mercuri International to invite Fujitsu to develop a mobile solution that would enable its staff to access e-mail in real-time and remotely schedule appointments and manage their workload. 

Fujitsu provided a mobile IT solution for Mercuri that is based on Fujitsu's life-cycle management approach. Fujitsu provides every aspect of the service, from the device, data access, training, helpdesk support, and replacement equipment, for a fixed price. The solution can be implemented very quickly and operated without having to worry about the underlying technology.

With over 40 years experience and an international network of offices that span more than 40 countries, Mercuri International is the world's largest sales training and development consultancy. Employing over 700 consultants, it offers its customers a formidable level of expertise in sales process analysis, skills development and strategy implementation.