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La Feltrinelli

Personalised rewards for over 1 million card holders

Retail technology solutions from Fujitsu

Photograph of Fujitsu's RBU-10 cash management machine
Today la Feltrinelli has 99 stores across Italy, together with an online store, Some 15 million purchases are made each year in la Feltrinelli and RicordiMediaStores, with approximately 26 million products sold, ranging from books and CDs to video games, musical instruments and stationary.

In 2000, with the help of Fujitsu Services, la Feltrinelli automated every store, from the front-end to the back office, including centralising la Feltrinelli's data. The company then made the decision to introduce a tool to help develop customer loyalty and enable the company to manage all data and information related to customers and the company's promotion and loyalty policies in an integrated, transparent and consistent manner.