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Hartwall: Mobile Solution to Streamline Logistics Operations


managed mobile solution

Hartwall is Finland's leading beverage company, specialising in beer, cider, soft drinks and mineral waters.

Hartwall chose Fujitsu to develop a mobile solution to streamline its logistics operations, based around the use of Fujitsu's mProcess software and Nokia 9210i Communicators.

Designed for task-oriented mobile working, the Fujitsu mProcess solution offers a mobile integration infrastructure where multiple back-end systems can be accessed by users out in the field anytime, anywhere. From the mobile device the user can send and receive data from each system, browse visits, tasks and documents and use the reporting functionality. Both on-line and offline capabilities are present with either automated or user prompted synchronisation features.

Working with Hartwall in a partnership approach, Fujitsu designed a mobile service to meet the needs of the customer's business. We designed, implemented and continue to host and support the solution and work continuously to improve service excellence.  
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