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CentricStor: Backing Up Critical Business Data

CentricStor enables major retail group

to plan for the future with confidence. 

Woman Shopping
When a major UK retailer needed a reliable solution that would meet its growing need to backup critical business data in an ever- diminishing window, it deployed Fujitsu's CentricStor solution.

Retail in the UK is a highly competitive sector and, in addition to getting a great experience when they go into stores on the High Street or the retail park, customers expect to be able to shop on-line, 24/7.

With more and more business being done over the Internet the security threat posed from hackers, viruses and data corruption is significant, so having a reliable and completely dependable back-up regime is vital.

DownloadDownload the 'CentricStor' case study PDF (142 KB) [379 KB]