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  5. NTT DOCOMO, Inc and Fujitsu work hand in hand to upgrade its customer Data Management system

NTT DOCOMO, Inc and Fujitsu work hand in hand to upgrade its customer Data Management system

"It surprised us how fast we could add new services and rapidly upgrade existing systems. The new solution enables us to respond to the actions of our competitors and developments in the market with agility."

Masanori Shikimi Director of Information Systems, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

Flexible technology for business innovation and competitive advantage.


NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest mobile network provider, transformed its customer data management system, ‘ALADIN’, which handles around 65 million customer contracts and related information. NTT DOCOMO is working towards its vision of creating a new communication culture, and introduced the world’s first third generation (3G) mobile network services in 2001. Beginning with the DOCOMO iMode services, the company was a pioneer of the mobile internet market.


For many years, NTT DOCOMO has worked hand-in-hand with Fujitsu to upgrade ALADIN, which is essential for expanding DOCOMO’s business and services. The two companies embarked on a project to develop the second generation of ALADIN in 2006.


Fujitsu has worked with NTT DOCOMO to develop a robust system framework that enables flexible system upgrades without compromising its services.


  • Reduced the time for application upgrades by 30 percent to 70 percent
  • Agile system that supports its business by quickly responding to customer needs in the fast paced mobile market
  • Total development workload decreased by 40 percent, able to respond to 50 percent more demands for functional upgrades, resulting in a 2.5 times productivity improvement

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Read the full NTT DOCOMO case study (494 KB/A4, 2 pages)