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OPTEX efficiently develops Internet of Sensing solution via the Cloud Service IoT Platform

"The FUJITSU Cloud Service IoT Platform provides us with an environment that is convincing from the perspectives of both efficiency and cost."

Mr Akihiko Nakamura General Manager, R&D Strategy Dept. OPTEX Co., Ltd.

OPTEX built a common infrastructure that processes various types of sensor data efficiently, in real-time, using the FUJITSU Cloud Service IoT Platform

The customer

OPTEX Co., Ltd. (OPTEX) sensing technology is world-class, and its business has grown around sensing equipment in the fields of automatic doors, security and measurement, among others. It boasts around 60 percent of the automatic door sensor market in Japan. It was the first, in 1980, to develop a far-infrared sensor for automatic doors, and its business has evolved against a background of creative technological capability. Unusually, OPTEX actively pursued overseas expansion right from the start. Currently about 66 percent (fiscal 2014 results) of total sales come from its overseas business.

The challenge

By utilising the Fujitsu Cloud Service IoT Platform, OPTEX is building on the Internet of Sensing Solution (IoS) concept to develop its business utilizing sensor data via the internet. The aim is to establish a highly sustainable business model from which to expand its business.

The benefit

  • Achieved goal of a database visualized in the cloud service in a short time and at low cost
  • The first step towards a new business model, ‘WATER it’, was built
  • Developing the ‘WATER it’ application in-house speeded up the trial-and-error process, shortening the work and reducing costs
  • Highly reliable cloud service platform reduces uncertainty when it comes to future challenges, making ambitious initiatives possible

Ladda ner

Read the full Optex case study (1.06 MB /A4, 2 pages)