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Fujitsu Self-Checkout Solutions create a new customer experience at Auchan

"Fujitsu helped us to work on our checkout waiting times and flow. Auchan wanted to offer its customers choice, both on the shelves and at the checkout. The new concepts, developed in partnership with Fujitsu, have enhanced the experience for our customers and made the sales process more flexible, whilst also improving working conditions for our employees."

Anne Bonjour, National Checkout Director, Auchan

The customer

The Auchan group is made up of five independent and additional companies. It employs over 330,000 people in 16 countries and has a turnover of €62.1 billion. The company has subsidiaries in France, Italy, India, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary, Russia, China, Taiwan, Romania and Ukraine. In 2014, Auchan had over 1,700 integrated supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The challenge

Auchan wanted to improve the experience for customers and staff, to develop a genuine relational dimension by riding the wave of new technology. By reducing waiting times and streamlining the customer’s in-store journey, Auchan wanted to develop an additional competitive advantage.

The solution

The company has been working with Fujitsu, its trusted IT partner, for over 20 years to implement three new checkout concepts: “Rapid Auchan” (Fujitsu Scan Express), “Caisse Minute” (Fujitsu Mini-SCO & U-Scan Genesis) and “Chariot Express” (Fujitsu’s U-Reverse solution), which allows customers to scan their own purchases and pay for them independently.

The benefit

  • Customers can now use a handheld scanner to register their purchases as they walk around the store, or use a self-service checkout, which reduces the waiting time
  • “Chariot Express” allows Auchan to rapidly switch from self-service checkout mode to traditional cashier-operated checkout mode, thereby allowing adaptation to suit store activity
  • As proof of their effectiveness, 35% of customers now choose a self-service concept to make their purchases
  • Employees can now take a more relational approach to customers; they play an important role in improving the shopping experience by providing services and talking about the brand
  • Surveys show that, following the implementation of the new checkout solutions, customers now find staff more cheerful and approachable

Products and services

  • Fujitsu U-Reverse
  • Fujitsu Scan Express
  • Fujitsu U-Scan Genesis
  • Fujitsu Mini-SCO

Ladda ner

Read the full Auchan case study (175 KB/A4, 2 pages)