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  5. Fujitsu Integrated Communication System enables multi-national web conferences at MTI

Fujitsu Integrated Communication System enables multi-national web conferences at MTI

"We selected Fujitsu because it had the technical capabilities and solutions to solve the various challenges we were facing, such as switching internal phones to IP phones. It was Fujitsu that touched our project members’ hearts and made them feel they wanted to work together"

Tomomi Ueno, Acting General Manager of the Information Systems Department, MTI

The customer

Headquartered in Tokyo, MTI is a leading content provider offering entertainment services through a range of mobile websites. It aims to create diverse mobile content that encompasses music distribution, healthcare information, e-books, lifestyle tips and entertainment. The company relies on meticulous marketing, efficient content production and cutting-edge technical capabilities to attain success. MTI has grown remarkably to become one of the largest mobile content companies in the 10-odd years since its establishment, attracting the largest number of paying subscribers in Japan.

The challenge

MTI wanted to refresh its communications infrastructure to encourage mobile working and a paperless environment. To do so, it needed to find a way to improve call extension efficiency using smartphones.

The solution

The company introduced Fujitsu’s integrated communication system. By adopting Fujitsu SoftPhone for internal extensions, users can now communicate from anywhere within the company.

The benefit

  • Smartphones can be used as internal extensions through the company’s wireless LAN, allowing a caller to find the desired person from the Web telephone directory and enabling smoother, quicker communication
  • By switching internal extensions to IP phone extensions, internal communication can be established without requiring significant time or money when expanding the business
  • New organizations and teams can be established flexibly and quickly without changing the layout even in the event of an organizational change

Ladda ner

Read the full MTI case study (208 KB/A4, 2 pages)