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Utilizing SAP Mobile Enterprise Application Services to improve productivity

"Mobilizing services helps improve business competitiveness through improved profitability, cost savings, growth and customer satisfaction"

Topi Nyyssönen, CIO, FUJITSU Finland Oy

The customer

FUJITSU is the leading ICT services and hardware provider in Finland, where it employs approximately 2,600 people. Fujitsu’s goal is to facilitate and ease the day-to-day operations of businesses and other organizations with its cutting-edge ICT service models and technologies. Fujitsu takes care of its customers’ ICT, including application support, operations and development.

The challenge

Fujitsu wanted to improve the usability of its SAP purchase invoice and leave request approval solutions as well as achieve cost savings through streamlining the relevant processes and operations.

The solution

Fujitsu implemented a mobilized SAP purchase invoice approval solution.

The Benefit

  • Improved employee productivity:
    • Increased support of flexible working.
    • Improved SAP processes and user satisfaction.
    • Improved employee satisfaction.
    • Cost savings proven with Mobility Value Assessment.
  • Faster approval times and streamlined processes.
  • Information security of all Fujitsu’s services is provided with the highest standard of quality.

Ladda ner

Read the full Fujitsu SAP Mobile case study (100 KB/A4, 2 pages)