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Watami International Limited Partners With Fujitsu

"We’re always seeking to partner with industry leaders, and Fujitsu’s advanced technology and tailor-made solutions are the perfect fit"

Joshua Leung, Corporate Planning and Administration Manager, Watami International Limited

The customer

Watami group was established in 1984 with businesses in restaurants, nursing care and catering to the elderly. In order to expand its restaurant business overseas, the group founded Watami International Limited in 2008. The group owns a chain of Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and Japan with over 600 domestic outlets and over 80 overseas outlets. Watami International Limited focuses on the “casual restaurant” market, which sits between family restaurants and public houses, providing a homely dining environment with a family atmosphere.

The challenge

  • Shortage of labour resources
  • Provide a better dining experience for local customers who place an emphasis on speed of service
  • Enable staff to focus on creating a smoother in-restaurant dining experience

The solution

  • A state-of-the-art, tailor-made IT solution from front-end devices to the operating system
  • Technical management and close collaboration to align the solution to user objectives and requirements
  • Consulting services on kiosk design, as well as the queuing system layout and promotional needs
  • Training and support for all Watami staff on how to operate the new system
  • Localization on the language of the application systems to suit the business in different countries

The benefits

  • Increased flexibility of manpower deployment
  • Enhanced brand image as a customer-friendly restaurant with sophisticated queuing system
  • Collection of valuable information for Customer Relationship Management, including the VIP Loyalty programme

Products and services

  • Customized kiosks with Fujitsu Queuing System
  • Consulting services
  • On-site installation
  • On-site training services
  • Worldwide maintenance and support services