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Council Rock School District Uses Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage

"The new system worked from the word ‘go’ which in my 25 years’ experience in IT is something I have never seen before. We have already migrated 40TB to the ETERNUS platform and in the three years since migration began, it has been totally rock solid"

Matt Frederickson, IT Director, Council Rock School District

The customer

The Council Rock School District (CRSD) is located in lower Bucks County, in south eastern Pennsylvania. It spends over $12,000 per secondary student per year and operates two High Schools, three Middle Schools and ten Elementary Schools, and an alternative High School. The district covers 72 square miles (190 km2) and comprises five Bucks County municipalities. It educates 12,000 students and has approximately 956 teachers and supervisors, as well as clerical, custodial, maintenance and cafeteria employees who support the instructional program.

The challenge

CRSD’s existing storage solution was prone to failure and required a high degree of maintenance which was a burden on the IT team. IT wanted to find a new approach to storage that would be stable and cost-effective.

The approach

The new solution consists of production storage provided by an ETERNUS DX440 S2 and offsite storage archiving supported by an ETERNUS DX90 S2, which now account for 60 percent of CRSD’s total storage requirements.

The benefit

  • In the three years since the migration began, CRSD has not had a single instance of failure
  • An increase in performance of 40 percent has slashed the time it takes to back up servers from days to hours
  • Predictive failure detection identifies issues before they occur, enabling optimal reliability
  • Improved availability makes students and teachers more productive

Products and services

  • Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX440 S2
  • Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX90 S2